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Titanium CF Flange

Brand : Hagrien

Product origin : China

Titanium parts processing

1. Provide drawings: size specifications, material requirements, precision requirements, the number of processing, processing time.

2. Sample processing: reference size, reference material, design drawings, precision requirements, the number of processing, processing time.


Titanium alloy flange corrosion resistance

1. Use media such as water, alcohol, ammonia, barium carbonate, benzene (WCB temperature is -29 ℃ -425 ℃).

2. The use of media such as particles, oil, pulp, carbon dioxide gas (stainless steel temperature -60 ℃ -232 ℃).

3. Do not use fluoride ionic liquids (such as HF, etc.) can not use strong alkali and phosphoric acid (temperature is less than 150 ℃, concentration> 30%).

4. Stainless steel general working temperature ≤ 150 ℃, pressure range 0.6-2.5MPA, more than this requirement when ordering instructions. Instantaneous flow, surge suppression speed, up to 10 (-13 second) seconds; life of up to 15 years, a investment, long-term benefit, easy installation, safe to use, do not change any air-conditioning lines.

Flange processing flow

1) Installation location, height, direction of import and export must meet the design requirements, the connection should be firm and tight.

2) All kinds of manual valves and handles installed on the pipe should not be downward.

3) The valve must be visually inspected prior to installation. For valves with operating pressure greater than 1.0 MPa and acting as shut-off valves in the main pipe, strength and tightness tests should be carried out before installation. Strength test, the test pressure of 1.5 times the nominal pressure, the duration of not less than 5min, valve housing, packing should be no leakage as qualified. It is through the panel operation and advanced microcomputer technology, can easily switch between mode and bypass mode, effectively improve the power factor, filter out the transient surge in the circuit, and the appearance of nice, easy to clean, my company specializes in custom Various titanium alloy flange.

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