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Titanium Flat Wire

Brand : Hagrien

Product origin : China

Titanium parts processing

1. Provide drawings: size specifications, material requirements, precision requirements, the number of processing, processing time.

2. Sample processing: reference size, reference material, design drawings, precision requirements, the number of processing, processing time.


Titanium Flat Wire Description

1. Titanium is a silvery white metal with many excellent properties. Titanium has a density of 4.54g / cm3, 43% lighter than steel, slightly heavier than the prestigious light-metal magnesium. Its mechanical strength is about the same as that of steel, twice as large as aluminum and five times as large as magnesium. Titanium high temperature, the melting point of 1942K, higher than gold high 1000K, 500K higher than steel.

2. Titanium wire is divided into: titanium wire, titanium wire, titanium glasses, titanium wire, titanium wire, titanium wire, titanium wire, titanium wire, titanium wire, titanium wire, titanium alloy wire.

3 titanium wire specifications

A, titanium wire specifications: φ0.8-φ6.0mm

B, titanium glasses specifications: φ1.0-φ6.0mm special titanium wire

C, titanium wire specifications: φ0.2-φ8.0mm special hanging

The main standard titanium wire


Titanium wire grades TA0 TA1 TA2 TA3 TA4 TA5 TA6 TA7 TA9 TA10 TC1 TC2 TC3 TC4 TC6 TC11 GR1 GR2 GR5 Ti6 AL4V ELI Ti6 AL7 Nb , Ti13Nb13Zr, Ti1533

5. Titanium wire status: annealed (M) hot working condition (R) cold working condition (Y) (annealing, ultrasonic flaw detection)

Titanium advantage

1. Titanium is a green product, titanium reduction fast wear and tear regeneration of 50 years will not rust, Hagrien drawn The raw materials used are from China Baoji (China titanium Valley)

2. Hardness, Titanium alloy than the strength (strength  density) is much larger than other metal structures, titanium is very strong, can withstand high pressure.

3. Titanium wire Uses military, medical, sporting goods, glasses, earrings, headdresses, electroplating rack, wire and other industries.

4. Titanium rod purposes mainly for mechanical equipment, electroplating equipment, medical, all kinds of precision machinery and other industries.

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