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Tinox launches M6 titanium alloy exhaust

Tinox launches M6 titanium alloy exhaust

The engine's normal work and operation, can not be separated from the fresh air inhalation and exhaust emissions, and to bear this responsibility, is undoubtedly the intake and exhaust system. In fact, the intake and exhaust system is equivalent to the human respiratory systems, not only to the full amount of time to provide the engine with fresh air, but also to the burning of exhaust gas completely out of the car. If the intake and exhaust system is not smooth enough, it will directly lead to the engine's ventilation efficiency significantly decreased, and then the power of the strong will therefore not be released. But in fact, many car owners will be the car's intake system upgrades, the replacement of high flow air filter, or to replace the high flow intake system are not a few, but the exhaust system is still not enough attention.

It is clear to all that the exhaust system is the most common part of "being reduced". Whether under pressure of cost or environmental regulations, the exhaust of the mass production vehicle will not be able to do the performance first; This will inevitably appear exhaust back pressure is too large, although this approach can optimize the effect of the engine low twist, but for the engine high horsepower play, but is very unfavorable. In addition, for BMW M6 such a larger volume of vehicles, the exhaust is not smooth will severely limit its power level to play. In the face of such a situation, for its upgrade a set of reasonable design, excellent performance, quality and reliable exhaust system, will be the vehicle dynamic performance, and even later performance upgrades, plays a very important role. Recently, Tinox on this as a starting point for the BMW M6 (4.4L V8) launched a full segment of titanium alloy exhaust.


Photo: Tinox for the BMW M6 launched the entire segment of the exhaust, is made of titanium alloy materials.

Of course, we must be clear that the exhaust system itself does not bring direct performance improvement, but will be the original exhaust seal of the horsepower, released again. Also, upgrades to the exhaust system are not measured in terms of horsepower and exhaust noise; there is a premise in street refitting that it meets the needs of everyday use. Therefore, before we upgrade the exhaust system, we must have a clear positioning, rational choice of the parts needed to upgrade, and the direction of subsequent upgrades.

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